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Pierre is a handcrafted, artisanal, interpretation of the iconic French press.

Meet Pierre, the artisanal, handcrafted interpretation of the French press coffee maker. Beautifully crafted with sustainable woods and made completely in America, Pierre was given the same thought and attention to detail that you put into the coffee you brew.As avid coffee drinkers and design fanatics, we felt that most french presses were the same, there was a lack of creativity and diversity. We were brewing high quality coffee in a low quality french press. With Pierre the french press, we set out to address that issue. We wanted a french press that would elevate the ritual of brewing coffee. We used wood for several reasons. we loved the natural beauty it exhibits, it is simple yet can accentuate complexities. Using beautiful, sustainable woods allows us to break that mold and create something, bold, and full of life. Second, it allows every Pierre to be unique. The grain and flow of the wood will be different for every Pierre, giving each user a "thumbprint" and identity for their French press. Pierre will stand out and become a part of the brewing experience.
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