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Ideation / Branding / Logo / UI & UX Design

Klevr is a beer lifecycle managment platform.

The keg was patented in ~1950 & hasn’t changed much since, we thought it was time to change that. Klevr is the keg of the future with real time inventory managment, quality control and consumption data integrated into the container. It began in 2017, after witnessing multiple issues around the managment of kegs at a craft brewery. My friend Michael & I began designing Klevr.
Imagine a keg that alerts you when its almost empty or past code? Or an SOS message when your prize triple IPA gets set outside in the sun and heats up. Our perhaps you would like to dig into granular data about which beers sell best at which accounts? We envisioned a hardware start with MRR through keg cycle based pricing. Charging based on one completed cycle of full to empty aligned our interests with the brewery owners. You moving less beer, pay less. If you are moving more beer, pay more. This cycle based pricing would allow Hardware as a service (HAAS).
I developed the identity and business plan of Klevr. The hazy color gradient across our modern take on a keg became our calling card.
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