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A collection of work spanning my professional career.

Packaging Design

Barebottle Brewing - Natural Wine Labels

Designing the natural wine labels of Barebottle

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Packaging Design / Branding / Logo

Barebottle Brewing - Package Designs

A brand identity system that doesn’t sacrifice individual character.

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Product Photography / Social Media Management / Brand Building

Barebottle Brewing - Visual Flavor

490 + visual flavor images developing the aesthetic of Barebottle Brewing

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Design / Print / Digital

Brews on the Bay - Brewer's Guild

In 2019, the San Francisco Brewer’s Guild incorporated the surrounding areas to become the Bay Area Brewer’s Guild representing the entire Bay Area from Santa Cruz to Marin & Pacifica to Berkeley. I was charged with developing a new collaboration architecture to foster community across the Bay and design marketing collateral for the major fundraising event for the Guild, known as Brews on the Bay.

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Ideation / Branding / Logo / UI & UX Design


The keg was patented in ~1950 & hasn’t changed much since, we thought it was time to change that. Klevr is the keg of the future with real time inventory managment, quality control and consumption data integrated into the container.

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Branding / Packaging

Meet Pierre the French Press

Pierre is a handcrafted, artisanal, interpretation of the iconic French press.

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Website / Branding

Hanalei School Foundation

I was tasked with designing a simple and clean interface for the website. The bright Coral brand color adds emotion to the call to action and provides contrast across the website. The modern serif font reinforces the trustworthiness and reliability of the Foundation.

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